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The North Texas Yarn Crawl is here and I'm so excited to introduce you to Tyler Rex! He's super friendly, he's vegetarian at the moment and is excited to learn how to crochet. He's been asking me a lot of questions about yarn, maybe he'll become a yarnivour! 
He's into socks lately so if you see him with just one sock, don't despair, he's working hard on the other one. If you are in the area you can meet him at McKinney Knittery in Downtown McKinney.
Summer is almost over here in Texas so I'm enjoying the last days of it with this tiny lady bug that's FREE on the blog, just click on the One Sweet Blog Tab.
The Halloween Squad is making its way into the fall. The won't stop telling me how excited they are for October to start. Find: Frankie the Literary Monster, Ellie the Witch and the Halloween Sidekicks and more in the Store tab or visit my Ravelry page.
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Tyler Rex is finally here! He's my design for the North Texas Yarn Crawl this year, show him some love! 
New finished items are coming for the Christmas holidays. I'm working hard on having several items in stock. I'll keep you posted!

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